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Spider Vein Treatment

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Laser vein removal is one of the best options for spider vein treatment. At Canton Medical Aesthetics, we offer spider vein treatment to those located in Canton, Sharon, Braintree, Norwood, Stoughton, Dedham and surrounding communities.

What is Spider Vein Treatment?

Spider vein treatment is done using laser technology, which has the ability to target veins just below the skin’s surface without harming the skin surrounding them. The heat energy delivered by the laser damages the targeted vein, causing scar tissue to form. As a result, the vein loses blood flow and disappears shortly thereafter.

What are the Benefits of Spider Vein Treatment?

The main benefit that causes people to choose spider vein treatment is the removal of visible spider veins on the body. Benefits of laser treatment include:

  • Less painful than alternative procedures
  • Safe for any area of the body
  • No downtime or need for bandages
  • Fast procedure

Can Lasers be used for Leg Vein Treatment?

The laser technology used for spider vein treatment is safe to use on any area of the body. Laser treatment is effective in treating veins in the legs, although larger veins may require multiple treatments.

What can I Expect from My Spider Vein Treatment?

Before your spider vein treatment, a cooling agent or anesthetic may be applied to minimize discomfort. Then, the specialized CynoSure® laser is used to precisely target the desired veins. This only takes a few minutes before the treatment is complete.

What is Recovery from Spider Vein Treatment Like?

Spider vein treatment requires no downtime. Patients are in and out of their appointment quickly and are able to resume normal activities upon leaving. After treatment, your skin may be red or sensitive, similar to a sunburn. This will subdue in the days following treatment.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

The number of treatments required for desired results will largely depend on the severity of the spider veins being treated. Some patients may experience satisfactory results after one treatment, while others may need multiple treatments to achieve the results they desire. These will be scheduled several weeks apart, and can be discussed further during your consultation. Most patients will see definitive results six to nine months after treatment.

How Much Does Spider Vein Treatment Cost in Canton, MA?

The cost of spider vein treatment will vary depending on the number of veins being treated as well as their size. To ensure our patients can achieve the results they’re looking for, we offer flexible financing options including CareCredit®. Our office also accepts major credit cards, cash and cashier’s checks.

Those looking for a solution to their spider veins can trust laser spider vein treatment at Canton Medical Aesthetics. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a complimentary consultation. We proudly serve patients living in and around the Canton, Milton, Westwood, Randolph and Boston areas.